Client Stories

We look after the finances for a diverse range of clients: horse-trainers, B&B owners, builders,  café owners and artists to name a few. Each client is unique and we really enjoy getting to know them and their businesses, so we can provide the best possible service.

Here are just a few stories from our clients.

Linda Richardson
Artist and Printmaker

I am an Essex born artist-printmaker who has recently moved to the beautiful Shetland Isles.

I have always been inspired by my immediate environment, especially the wildlife. Shetland has wildlife in abundance. The ever-changing weather and coast presents a wealth of subject matter.

As a painter I work in watercolour or acrylic. I also create mixed media pieces using wax crayon and watercolour. My printmaking encompasses linocuts and etching.

A friend recommended PBH Accounting to me and I have been working with them since 2014. I was very happy that they could still do my accounts, after I moved away from the local area.

Abi is always helpful and answers emails promptly. Paul and Abi know their clients and their accounts just by giving them your name. I previously had my accounts and tax done by a larger firm. It seemed as though a number of people were dealing with me and I never spoke to the same person twice!

As a self-employed individual it gives me peace of mind knowing I have someone who will do my books and tax return. I would definitely recommend PBH Accounting.

Nessie Poston
Bucks House Country House B&B

The Bucks House Country House has been in my family for 35 years and once my children grew up it seemed the perfect space to create a B&B.

The great thing about my business is that I can open and close to please myself.

When I first set up the business with my husband, we used his accountancy firm that he had all his life: one of the big firms. When he passed away, I wanted someone more personal. I had no idea about figures. I have known Abi since she was at school, before she became an accountant, and thought she would be perfect. I trusted her.

I found with a big company, I never knew who I would be speaking to: sometimes it was the person dealing with my account, sometimes it was someone I had never spoken to before.

I really like the personal service PBH Accounting offer. Abi comes over to my business and spends a day or two here with me each year. I simply keep all my receipts and I know that she will work through it all and sort it out for me. For my business, I just find it easier than calling and emailing.

I’ve recommended PBH Accounting to loads of my friends and my daughter, who is now a client too. My daughter was with another accountant but prefers the personal service she gets at PBH Accounting.

I’d always recommend PBH Accounting and have always found Abi to be great.

Caroline Lock
Director, CamMed Recruitment

I launched CamMed Recruitment in 2015 to focus exclusively on the recruitment of physicians into the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in Cambridge and London.

I have worked in the pharmaceutical recruitment industry for over 10 years. I sold my previous company, but I couldn’t resist starting another company when I moved to Cambridge where the industry is so strong.

When I set up CamMed Recruitment I knew I wanted to concentrate on the service the business provides, not on the accounting. I wanted someone who knew exactly what they were doing to just pick it up and look after it. Abi now does everything for me!

It’s not just the accounts, it’s the advice Abi offers every step of the way. She knows my business and she knows the most efficient way for me to manage my finances. She gives this advice without me asking. She is always one step ahead, offering suggestions that benefit my business. She really knows her stuff and I trust her. I don’t have to worry.

I have been with big accountancy firms and you often get passed from pillar to post. You don’t know who is actually dealing with your account: it might be someone far more junior or less qualified than the person you met. With PBH Accounting, I know I will always speak to Abi and she knows me. She knows how my business works. The continuity and personal service is worth so much.

I have recommended PBH Accounting to so many people and will continue to highly-recommend them.

Free quotation

Prior to taking on any client, PBH Accounting always provide a free no obligation quotation and proposal. This means that our clients know exactly what they getting, and it allows us to tailor our services specifically to each of our clients.